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Please print this form and return it to us with any additional comments. There is a $775-$975 fee per placement. Some placements require additional fees or memberships. You will be informed of these in advance.

In order for us to begin processing your request for a placement please send a $35 non-refundable registration fee to: Explorations in Travel 2458 River Road Guilford, VT 05301

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.(802) 257-0152

Name________________________________________ Date of Birth___________ Sex____


Day Phone______________________ Evening Phone_________________________

When is the best time to try and reach you by phone? ________________________

Email Address ____________________________________

Which program/placement and country (or countries) are you applying for?


What are your desired starting and ending dates?


What is your current occupation?


What is your study background?


What is your employment background?




What other experiences have you had that have been important to you? (e.g. volunteer work, internships, extra-curricular activities, etc.)




Have you ever worked as a teacher? assistant teacher? camp counselor? other position working with children, youth or adults? What age group do you most enjoy working with?



Do you speak or study a foreign language? For how long? Describe your level of fluency and/or comfort level with the language (speaking, comprehension, reading, writing).


Have you ever traveled abroad? Where? When? For how long? For what purpose?


What kind of work would you like to do during a volunteer placement? (e.g. environment/conservation, teaching, health, etc.)



What are your specific goals and expectations for your placement? (language learning, travel and cultural experience, work experience, etc.)




Describe your state of health and physical fitness. Is there anything we should know about your health? (i.e., injuries, allergies, different abilities, special food needs)?



Tell us more about yourself (hobbies, occupation, hiking and camping experience, strengths, etc.) and what skills you can bring to a placement position.






Are you comfortable with the idea of "roughing it"? (going awhile without a shower, using a latrine instead of a modern bathroom, eating beans and rice for days on end, having limited privacy)


Do you have any concerns or apprehensions about a placement? If so, what are they?



What airport will you be departing from?


Person to contact in case of an emergency____________________________________




Day Phone_______________________________ Evening Phone_______________________


Relationship to Applicant_________________________________

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