Costa Rica

Wildlife Rehab and Environmental Ed Center

Placement fee: $975

Located on the Pacific coast, this facility is home to 200 animals including many endangered species such as the squirrel monkey, howler monkey and scarlet macaw. The goal is both to rehabilitate and release these animals and to educate people to the consequences of illegally removing wildlife. Some animals which cannot be released are kept for breeding and educational purposes.

Volunteers help with a variety of activities at the center:

Volunteers with veterinary experience can assist with

Volunteers should be self-motivated, mature and comfortable working with and handling birds and animals, work well with people from different countries. A background in Spanish language is useful. Volunteers should feel comfortable living in a tropical rural area in modest accommodations. One month minimum stay required.

  • Tetanus and negative T.B. test requested.
  • Resume and letter of interest requested.
  • 3-4 month lead time necessary for processing application.



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